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One Size Cloth Diapers

One Size Fitted Cloth Diapers

One Size Fitted Cloth Diapers are a very convenient way to diaper your baby and are usually adjustable to fit babies from newborn to potty training.  Most one size fitted cloth diapers have elastic at the waist and legs with an adjustable snap or Velcro style (hook and loop) closure to fit your baby snugly and provide a customized, leak-proof fit.

We carry a variety of one size fitted cloth diapers

One Size Fitted Pocket Diapers

Are made with a water proof or water resistant PUL outer layer of fabric, and an inner layer of micro-fiber. The benefit of this style is that they do not require a separate diaper cover, are convenient and easy to use. They are also a little more trim fitting than other types of cloth diapers. They have an  opening in which you can insert an absorbent insert or pocket stuffer to increase absorbency.

One Size Fitted Cloth Diapers

Some people prefer one size fitted diapers that are not the pocket type diaper. This style is usually made of cotton or hemp and is not made of synthetic materials as the pocket diapers. Many parents prefer to have the natural fiber fabric against their baby's skin. Some parents also feel more secure using a two part cloth diapering system (a diaper and a diaper cover) as there are more layers for any yucky messes to get through. Some one size fitted diapers require a separate diaper cover.